Steps to Installing a Hand Held Shower Filter

A large portion of my more seasoned companions who are enthusiastic about getting the advantages of shower channels some of the time inquire as to whether it is something they can accomplish for themselves or on the off chance that they have to get a plumber into help them with.


My answer is dependably that there is no compelling reason to get a handyman into help you with such a little occupation.


Regardless of whether you're 16 or 61 - you will have the capacity to introduce the best handheld shower head with no whine the length of you take after some basic principles and some straightforward strides.




The Tools And Equipment You Will Need:


  • A Shower Filter
  • A Shower with a current hand held head and hose
  • Another hose (discretionary - however now and then it's decent to have another one as shape can develop in the cleft of the old one).




  • Ensure that your shower channel is spotless and totally dry.
  • Ensure that the pipe you are joining the channel to is totally dry.
  • Guarantee that your shower is dry also, don't introduce your channel soon after a shower or if the floor is wet as you may slip and hurt yourself. So please guarantee your range is totally dry before introducing.


Steps Involved


  1. These sorts of channels are likely the least demanding to introduce.
  2. They are constantly settled onto the finish of metal or plastic hoses.
  3. The fittings on the shower hoses are for the most part 1.5 Inch BSP (British Standard Pipe) string size. These sizes are basically standard all through the world, from Asia, America, Europe and even Australia. So despite the fact that the standard is called BSP - the string size is 1.5 Inch.
  4. Basically expel your current hand held shower head from the finish of the shower hose by turning the entire hand held shower head body in an against clock shrewd course until the head leaves far from the hose.
  5. Keep in mind to tilt the head upwards, as there will be lingering water in the hose. So that when you evacuate the shower head water does not sprinkle all over you.
  6. When you expel the head from the hose, without a doubt some water will leave the head or the hose and you should wipe this down and dry the hose.
  7. At that point basically line up the Shower Filter's "male" end with the "female" end of the shower hose and screw on the Filter by turn in a clock-wise course. Making a decent tight seal.


At the point when the seal is tight and there is no spillage, your establishment is finished. Congrats!


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